Retaining Wall Ideas For A Steep Slope In Your Backyard

If the property in your backyard has a very steep slope, then you are going to want to install a retaining wall. It's an important method to prevent soil erosion, as well as make the slope more conducive for gardening. You can even setup up a series of terraced sections to break up the space into more visually appealing sections. The first thing you will need to do is decide on the right material.

Why Do Your Sprinkler Heads Keep Breaking?

Broken sprinkler heads can be a real nuisance, especially if your system tends to run when you aren't around to see the head isn't working properly. There can be a multitude of reasons for a busted sprinkler head. Finding out the cause can help you prevent it from happening in the future. The following guide can help you figure it out.  Equipment damage This is by far the most common reason.