Residential Above Ground Irrigation Systems

Installing a residential irrigation system is an economical way to save energy while maintaining a green and lush landscape. An above ground irrigation system is ideal for a residence who wants to use natural drainage to water lawns and plants much like falling rain. The following types of above ground irrigation systems use small polyethylene hoses connected to PVC pipes to carry water from your water supply to individual plants or trees in the garden.

Unclog And Clean A Sprinkler System's Head

If you were doing some landscaping near your sprinkler system's head and dirt spilled on it and clogged some of the holes in it during this time, water may not be dispersed evenly whenever you turn on the system to water your lawn. Unclog and clean this important part by completing the instructions below. Once you have finished, water will spray out of the head properly so that your lawn remains healthy.

Selecting The Best Wood For Long-Lasting Outdoor Projects

Are you planning to build an outdoor structure or a project that will involve the use of wood such as a garden with a wood barrier or trim? If so, it is important to take the time now to understand which types of wood are best for your plans. This is because if you simply select lumber without taking the time to ensure it is correct for your intentions, you may end up with premature damages or problems due to insects or rot.

No Grass Left On Your Large Property After Building A New Home? Ways To Get Your Lawn Green Again

A home construction can wreak havoc on a yard due to heavy trucks and equipment rolling across it on a daily basis. Not only this, but worker's themselves can damage it while they are digging for your new foundation. If your yard is looking bare because you have hardly any grass left, below are two ways you can turn those brown spots green again Hydroseeding Hydroseeding is by far the easiest way to plant a lot of grass seed, which makes it beneficial if you have a very large property.

Safe Ways To Remove Dandelions From Your Lawn

If you have just purchased a new home, and you have a lawn that you intend on showing off during warmer months, upkeep will need to be done regularly to keep it in the best of shape. If you find your lawn is filled with dandelions when it starts growing in the springtime, you will need to act quickly and frequently to keep up with dandelion removal so your grass does not become overrun with these weeds.