3 Tips For Controlling Weeds

Weeds are something that many people strive to keep out of their lawns and landscaping. Often, weeds are aggressive invasive species that, when not removed, will crowd out the plants that you want in your landscaping. This is why weed control is an essential part of landscape maintenance. The best methods for controlling weeds will depend on the kind of weeds you are dealing with in your landscape. Here are three tips for keeping the weeds at bay.

Why You Should Always Hire A Deck Contractor To Do Your Deck

Do you want to put a deck in your yard? You might figure that since this project is not indoors, you can do the work yourself. However, you should always have a deck contractor install your deck for you. A deck contractor will typically charge you for the labor (time) it takes to put in your deck along with the materials and supplies needed for the job. The total cost you'll spend for your deck installation will be dependent upon where you live, how much your deck contractor charges per hour for the work they do, and how much the supplies cost.

Tips And Recommendations To Use Rock In Your Landscaping

Updating your yard with improvements with new vegetation and rock features will always improve the home's value and appearance when you take the right measures to make them attractive and long-lasting. When you work with rock as a landscaping feature, you can get some improvements to the landscaping in addition to reducing your irrigation costs to reduce water use in a dry climate. Here are some recommendations to use as you install rock in your yard's landscaping and ensure it looks great for as long as possible.

Tree Trimming And Care Recommendations For Landscape Trees

The health of your trees within your yard's landscaping is an important feature and value to your property, so you should take care of them with regular care and trimming. In addition to providing your trees regular water, you will also need to remove dead branches and keep the tree trimmed in a healthy shape to withstand winds and time. Here are some recommendations to help you better care for your yard trees with maintenance, care, and regular trimming for healthy growth.

3 Tips For Beginning Landscaping Work For A Side Yard

Landscaping when you're only working with a small yard can be overwhelming since you may be concerned with getting it to feel big enough for your needs and the kind of features you want to be included. If you've been hesitant to get started with landscaping, consider the following tips that can help you make the most of the smaller space and get your yard to be a lot more like what you want.