3 Things You Can Do To Turn Your Backyard Into A Relaxing Tropical Getaway

Here's how you can turn your backyard into a tropical getaway and enjoy vacation time every day:

Create a Tropical Entertainment Hut

If you want to create the feeling of being in a tropical setting, you'll need to build a gathering spot to serve as your focal point. But not just any type of building or canopy will do. You should build a tropical hut that's reminiscent of Hawaii or the Bahamas to serve as your outdoor gathering spot.

You can go the traditional route and purchase plans for a tiki hut that can be made out of bamboo and build the hut yourself. Or, you can purchase a gazebo and then cover the frame with pieces of bamboo and cover the roof with faux palm fronds.

Once the hut is built, install a bamboo countertop to function as a bar and put a mini fridge under the counter. The hut should be big enough to also accommodate a barbecue grill and a comfortable table and chair set. Don't forget to place tiki torches around the perimeter of the hut so you'll have plenty of tropical illumination to enjoy when spending time outside at night.

Have a Swimming Pond Built

Every tropical setting should feature a body of water to swim in. While you can't bring the actual ocean to your backyard, you can at least build a small swimming pond that you might find in the mountainous areas of places like Hawaii and Tahiti. Traditional swimming pools are a typical feature of many homes, and they don't quite equate to a tropical setting.

Not only will a swimming pond help you create that tropical setting you want, but it will be a lot less expensive to have built than a traditional swimming pool. The swimming pond doesn't have to be bigger than a couple of feet deep and a few feet wide—big enough for a few people to wade and relax in.

Landscape With Beach Pebbles

Just like you can't bring the ocean to your backyard, it isn't feasible to create a beach with sand either. You would likely have to keep replacing the sand on a regular basis as it burrows into the ground and gets spread around. You'd also likely find yourself overwhelmed with all the places the sand ends up going, like inside your house.

But you can create a beautiful tropical beach around your swimming pond with the help of beach pebbles. These pebbles are small enough to look similar to rough sand and smooth enough to walk on when your feet are bare, just like at the beach. And you won't have to keep replacing them as you would sand. Just spread your landscape Mexican beach pebbles out around your swimming pond and use the material to make pathways around your backyard to create a tropical beach setting.