Retaining Wall Ideas For A Steep Slope In Your Backyard

If the property in your backyard has a very steep slope, then you are going to want to install a retaining wall. It's an important method to prevent soil erosion, as well as make the slope more conducive for gardening. You can even setup up a series of terraced sections to break up the space into more visually appealing sections. The first thing you will need to do is decide on the right material. There are several different options you can choose from. Here is an overview of the different material so you will know which one you can speak to your landscaper about.

Pressure Treated Wood

If you want to use wood planks for a natural look, you will need to use pressure treated planks. Even a wood such as cedar is not moisture resistant enough to be used in retaining walls. Cedar can be used in outdoor decking because it is not in constant contact with the soil or water. You don't want to risk using a wood that will rot and then need to redo the entire retaining wall.

In the old days, a wood retaining wall might have the wood set flush against the soil. However, modern methods will often use a waterproof membrane to help block the soil from touching the back of the wall. Behind this membrane crushed stone of sand will be used to help with drainage. Even with these precautions, the wood will still be exposed to soil and water, so it is essential that pressure treated wood is chosen.

Landscaping Blocks

If you prefer the look of stone in your backyard, and like a very uniform and even appearance, then landscaping block is perfect. Unlike wood (even pressure treated wood) it will not breakdown and rot. It requires much less maintenance. The wood will need to be cleaned and stained, whereas the landscaping block will not need to be treated at all. The downside is that it is heavy, unless you choose very small blocks. If you do choose very small blocks, then you will need to address the gaps in-between the blocks. Many people opt for soil and moss instead of a mortar so that the wall has a very natural look.

Natural Field Stone

If you want a retaining wall that looks like it might be a natural part of the landscape, then natural field stone is perfect. Your landscaper can make the wall look like it is an organic part of your property. The difficult part is fitting the stone together. Some landscapers opt to build a normal retaining wall using landscaping block, and then fronting it with a facade of natural field stone. This is particularly helpful if you have a very steep slope. The heavy retaining wall blocks can be stacked right next to one another and create a very secure wall.

If you're slope is not too steep, you might be able to have a classic field stone wall where the soil abuts directly against the stone. These walls can look really beautiful, with flowers and moss growing in-between the rocks. Contact a company, such as L & L Excavation & Landscaping, for more information.