Why Do Your Sprinkler Heads Keep Breaking?

Broken sprinkler heads can be a real nuisance, especially if your system tends to run when you aren't around to see the head isn't working properly. There can be a multitude of reasons for a busted sprinkler head. Finding out the cause can help you prevent it from happening in the future. The following guide can help you figure it out. 

Equipment damage

This is by far the most common reason. Lawn mowers, edgers, and even cars that jump the curb can all damage your sprinkler heads. The key to preventing this sort of damage is to use sprinklers that sink underground after running. Make sure there is no soil or other debris blocking them from sinking back down. Before mowing, make a habit of walking the lawn and making sure there are no heads still poking out. If you are in a new house or have a new system, you may want to flag the heads for the first times you mow just so you know where they are.

Water pressure woes

Too much water pressure can sometimes blow a head off, especially if you have inexpensive or older sprinkler heads. You can check the water pressure with a special gauge or have a sprinkler repair tech check the pressure. If the pressure is too high, the water supply may need to have a pressure regulator installed to help manage the issue.

Frost heave

Often, spring is when broken heads are found. The problem is often because of frost heave or other winter freezing problems. Frost heave occurs when the ground goes through several freeze and thaw cycles, which puts pressure on heads and can crack them. Water can also get into the head, freeze and expand, and then cause breakage. Check all the sprinklers when first turning on the system to make sure none of the heads are damaged.

People and pet problems

Vandals, curious children, or even your dog can kick, chew, or pull on your heads to cause damage. There are two options. You can run them at a time when no one is likely to be around, which makes the sprinklers harder to find and to mess with. The other option is to invest in more expensive brass sprinkler heads. These can last a lifetime and they are very difficult to break, so the investment can be worth it.

For more help in diagnosing your sprinkler issues, contact a repair technician like those at Sergio's Lawn Service in your area