Popular Plants You Should Have On-Hand As Part Of Your Lanscape Business

Owning a landscape business has many benefits: you get to work in a variety of client needs, including sprinkler install and care, landscape design, tree planting, and garden care. Customers want to know they can rely on their landscaper for nearly all of their yard needs, and you can make your services even more desirable by being able to meet client needs right away. You can do this by having popular plants in stock so you can quickly upgrade a customer's landscape simply by calling to your warehouse for delivery. Here are common trees and plants you should buy wholesale so you can have customers by them from you for a quick and profitable install.

Popular trees

Trees that thrive well in most climates, are quick and attractive growers, and don't need a lot of maintenance are the kind you want to buy wholesale in root bulbs for transplanting to customers' properties. Trees that fit this criteria include:

  • Maple (Sugar and Silver varieties)
  •  Red Oak
  • Quaken Aspen
  • Dogwood

When buying trees wholesale, you want to look at your client list to make sure you order the right trees in the correct amounts. You don't want excess plants left over at the end of your season unless the nursery you buy them from allows you to sell them back at a loss. If you have many clients wanting trees planted in the late summer months, buying them in the fall is often your cheapest option since sellers don't want to carry their shrubbery into the winter season.

Popular plants

There will be clients who want decorative and functional plants placed in their yard. Buy the following wholesale in bulk so you can pass savings onto your customers while still netting a large profit for yourself:

  • Lavender
  • Poppies
  • Sage
  • Yarrow
  • Feather Reed Grass

Popular shrubs are beneficial to have on-hand as well, and include low-maintenance varieties such as the Butterfly Bush, varieties of Verbena, and Dwarf Blue Spruce. These shrubs offer excellent ground cover and can be purchased in high quantities since many people will require multiple plantings to get the landscape results they want.

You want to always have what you need ready for your customers so you can increase customer satisfaction as well as make more landscape sales. Talk to a plant supplier like Kauai Nursery & Landscaping Inc to see what kind of deals you can get on purchasing bulk supplies and what times of year are best for making certain transactions.