3 Steps To Creating A Backyard Oasis

Making the most of your backyard and creating an outdoor living space has become very popular in recent years. Outdoor living spaces give you more room to entertain family and friends, it adds curb appeal and value to your home, and when done right, it is the perfect place to take a "staycation." Rather than leaving home to get away from it all, you simply have to head to your tranquil retreat right in your own backyard. Here are three steps to planning your ideal outdoor space.

Get Your Pencil And Paper

You don't want to just haphazardly start putting in decks and stone paths that lead to nowhere. Draw the rough shape of your backyard, noting where the entryways to your home are and any outbuildings, like a shed. Once you have mapped the current state of your backyard, you can begin planning for the future. Think about your current lifestyle, and then give thought to how that may change in the coming years. What features do you want to have eventually? Is it your dream to have an outdoor gourmet kitchen, complete with a master grill and meat smoker? Do you want to create a home spa, with room for a swimming pool, backyard sauna, and exercise room? Maybe you want a playhouse for your grandchildren or a "she shed" or mother-in-law cottage. Or maybe your wants are just a simple fire pit area where everyone can gather around and enjoy a cold beer on a chilly summer night.

Plan The Hardscape First

Hardscaping includes things like stone retaining walls, flagstone patios, wooden decks, and brick pathways. You may want features such as a gazebo or an ivy covered trellis that leads to a secret garden. Determine where walkways and stairs should be to direct the flow of traffic between the different areas. Think of the materials you want to utilize throughout your design so there is consistency in the finished product.

Make Your Dreams A Reality

Smaller hardscaping projects can be a do-it-yourself project, but for the best and quickest results, it is wise to hire a professional. They may see flaws to your design that may not have occurred to you, such as erosion issues or water running towards your basement rather than away from your home. Invite them for a tour of your backyard and show them your sketch. A professional hardscaper will see your vision and then offer their expert advice and new ideas you may have never even thought of.

You don't have to build everything at once, but with a solid plan and a trusted contractor, your backyard will eventually become everything you ever wanted it to be. For more information, contact local professionals like Southern Landscaping & Construction Inc.