Signs Your Tree May Be Sick

Having trees in your yard will shade your house to help keep your cooling bills down. They can also help to improve your property value. However, a sick or dying tree is at risk for falling and causing damage to your house or car or pulling down electrical wires.   

Signs You May Have a Sick Tree

There are some things that you can look at that can tell you if the tree might be sick. One thing you might notice is that the leaves are discolored. If the leaves are turning yellow or brown in the middle of spring or summer, that's one good sign that the tree is having some problems. 

Other signs include something called cankers. Cankers are palces where there is missing bark on the tree. A canker can cause branches or leaves near it to fall off. You may also see weak places where the branches join the tree trunk. You will probably see this most often where two branches are very close together. Instead of having wood in between the branches, there will be mostly bark, which won't adequately anchor the branches. 

You can also check the bark. The bark on a healthy tree is relatively soft and springy. One a sick tree, the bark is going to be much more brittle. It will come off the tree easily and snap in half with a minimum of force. 

Treatment For a Sick Tree

The most extreme treatment for your tree is that it is going to have to be cut down. However, that is the last step. The tree service that you are going to work with is going to do what they can to heal the tree. That may include doing things like cutting off diseased limbs or giving it some kind of medicine. If the problem that the tree is in poor soil, the tree service company may do things like fertilize the soil. If the tree is a small one, the tree company may even be able to dig up and move the tree over to a better area. 

If you are worried about your trees and the health of them, you don't have to try to figure out what's going on with them. You can hire professionals (such as those from Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC) who can come in and look at your trees. Not only can they tell you how healthy the tree is, they can also do what they can to make the tree healthier.