3 Things To Remember When Pruning This Summer For Emergency Tree Care

With the summer here, afternoon storms are going to become more common. This may not be a problem if your home is prepared, but it can still damage trees. If you value the trees on your property, caring for them after a storm has caused damage will keep them healthy. It is important to do a minimal amount of pruning after storm damage and to cut all damaged limbs. Here are some tips to help you with your emergency tree care needs this summer:

1. Remove Branches That Are Obviously Damaged

When a storm comes through, there are going to be some branches that are obviously damaged. These are the branches that are hanging down, cracked or have fallen. These are the first areas you want to prune. Be sure to remove any damage on limbs and do not leave the areas of stripped bark where branches have fallen. If you need to, you can come back to do more pruning later to shape severe damage that may leave a tree odd looking.

2. Look For Signs Of Weak Branches That Need Pruning

Some of the damage from a storm may not be as obvious as other problems. It could be that there is a branch that has been bent and is weighted down from the damage. First, cut excess growth from large branches. Once the heavy growth has been removed, test the main branch to see if it has been weakened by the storm. If the branch is weak, it may need to be removed to ensure healthy growth of the tree.

3. Consider Sealing Pruning Wounds To Prevent Disease And Insects

There is a mixed opinion about sealing wounds after pruning. It has been thought that this protects the tree from insects and disease. This is something that you may want to consider if your tree has signs of obvious insect or disease damage. When using a sealer, try to find a modern pruning sealant that is designed to allow the wound to breath and heal naturally. If the tree is healthy and without insect damage, you may just want to let the wounds heal naturally and not use a sealer at all.

These are some tips to help you with your emergency tree care needs this summer. If you need help pruning your trees after the storm has passed, contact a landscaping service like Land Pro Diversified  Services LLC to help with your emergency tree care this summer.