Landscaping Ideas For Backyards That Might Be Lacking In The 'Yard' Department

If you are in an urban environment, your backyard might not actually have too much yard. If you are confined to a patio or a cement space to work with when it comes to your outdoor space, this doesn't mean that landscaping isn't an option for you. Here are four creative ways to add greenery and beauty to a smaller backyard space that might not actually have much land to work with.

1. Raised Planter Boxes

If your outdoor space is primarily concrete surrounded by fencing, other homes, or a balcony, you can still add greenery with raised planter boxes. These wooden boxes can be custom-built to fit the needs of your space and can either be designed for narrower areas or taller in order to get more sun. Depending on your tastes, these can be planted with grasses for a yard-style look or with more lush plants such as large shrubs or flowering plants.

2. Vertical Gardens on Fences

There are ways to also bring plant life to otherwise boring fences. One option is to plant vines or other climbing plants like rosebushes or ivy that can work their way up the fence over time. Another option is to mount smaller plants such as succulents or herbs to your fence. These plants can be placed individually in smaller pots and either hung separately or within a lattice frame to hang on your fence.

3. Potted Plants Along Walkways

If you would like some green or floral accents to line walkways outside your home or for stairwells, a row of potted plants can easy liven up even boring spaces. Bamboo can be a fast growing, beautiful plant that can provide privacy without taking up too much space. These types of taller plants can easily be planted in longer rectangle pots to line walkways.

4. Non-Plant Accents

Items made of concrete, brick, or stone can bring in a stylish touch to your outdoor space. Accents such as statues and fountains can bring a little more beauty and character to an otherwise drab space. If you would like to take away the cold look of concrete flooring, interlocking hardwood tiles can be added to an entire floor space or can make a walkway within your backyard.

If you have limited yard space or are living with a closed off patio, this doesn't mean that you can't have a fun, stylish garden. If you can get creative with portable planters, fun accents, and utilizing vertical spaces, you can spruce up even the smallest outdoor areas. Don't give up on landscaping in a smaller backyard just because you have limited options. There still are plenty of ways to personalize your space and enjoy the outdoors. For assistance, talk to a landscaper like Boyer WH.