No Grass Left On Your Large Property After Building A New Home? Ways To Get Your Lawn Green Again

A home construction can wreak havoc on a yard due to heavy trucks and equipment rolling across it on a daily basis. Not only this, but worker's themselves can damage it while they are digging for your new foundation. If your yard is looking bare because you have hardly any grass left, below are two ways you can turn those brown spots green again


Hydroseeding is by far the easiest way to plant a lot of grass seed, which makes it beneficial if you have a very large property. Hydroseeding is also known as hydro-mulching and mulch seeding.

Seed, water, protective mulch, and fertilizer are mixed together in a tank and then sprayed over the ground via a large jet hose.

The seed used can be anything you want, including lawn or grass seeds, seeds for erosion control, such as crown vetch, or even wildflower seeds.

The fertilizer is generally high in phosphorous, which stimulates root growth. The mulch used is important, as this is what gives the grass the green color. Mulch also protects the seed and helps seal in moisture. Mulch can be made of wood, paper, or a mixture of them.  If you are hydroseeding a hillside, tackifiers can be added to the seed mix to hold the materials together, especially in rainy conditions.


Another option you have is to lay sod. This is a very quick way to obtain a green, luscious lawn because sod is grass that has already been planted. It is held together by the root system of the grass. One benefit of using sod is that it is reliable. You cannot be completely sure grass will grow when you plant seeds yourself, or the grass may have bare patches.

Sod is sold in sheets, and they can be difficult to lay. This is because the conditions have to be optimal. For example, the ground has to be free of all debris and rocks, and if your lawn has lumps or hills on it, it has to be leveled out. The soil has to be loose for the sod to take root properly.  You also need to know if your soil is low on nutrients that are needed for the sod to be healthy.  

Because hydroseeding and laying sod can be difficult to do, you should hire a landscape contractor to do this for you. This will ensure everything is done properly. For more information, visit or a similar website.