Safe Ways To Remove Dandelions From Your Lawn

If you have just purchased a new home, and you have a lawn that you intend on showing off during warmer months, upkeep will need to be done regularly to keep it in the best of shape. If you find your lawn is filled with dandelions when it starts growing in the springtime, you will need to act quickly and frequently to keep up with dandelion removal so your grass does not become overrun with these weeds. Many people like to avoid using harmful chemicals most lawn treatment products are made from. Here are some safe alternatives you can use to keep dandelions from invading your plush lawn.

Make It A Daily Project

When dandelions are abundant, take the time to go outdoors to pick them by hand. This is an effective method in removal if the entire root is removed along with the bloom. To aid in this endeavor, pick up a dandelion rooting tool from the garden department in your local home goods store. This can be poked into the ground at the base of the dandelion stem to uproot the entire bottom portion of the weed in one pull. With daily picking at the first signs of dandelions, there is less risk of them getting a seeding state where new seeds are blowing into other areas of your lawn.

Improve The Soil

If you have healthy soil, dandelions will be less apt to take root. Dandelions tend to grow in slightly alkaline soil while most grasses like a soil more acidic in nature. Test your soil and add some compost or mulch to offset alkalinity if necessary. The outcome will be a soft soil that allows grass to grow abundantly, often crowding dandelions out. Healthy soil will also make it easier to pull any weeds you do come across.

Keep Grass At The Right Height

While mowing your lawn will give it a nice appearance, making it too short can contribute to the growth of dandelions. Set your lawnmower blade to a height of two to two and a half inches from ground-level. The height of the grass will shade any dandelions from getting sunlight, helping to ward off their growth. You will need to mow more often, but the green lawn minus yellow weeds will be worth the effort.

Target With Smothering

Dandelions will not grow if there is not ample sunlight. To try killing them effectively, place black plastic bags over highly weeded areas. Leaving these in place will make dandelions wilt and wither away. Any covered grass will bounce back in health after the covering is removed and water is added to give each blade nourishment.

Douse With Liquid

Another way to try removing dandelions without harming your lawn in the process is with the use of hot water. Boil a pot of water and pour it directly over the weeds you wish to kill. Doing this several days in a row will cause dandelions to die. You can also try vinegar to kill dandelions effectively.

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