3 Tips For Pruning Your Trees

Pruning your trees is important not only for the health of the tree, but also for aesthetic and space purposes. Pruning removes dead portions of your tree, allowing for new growth, and it can also cut back an overgrown tree that is taking up too much space. If you would like to prune your trees yourself, there are a few things that you are going to want to keep in mind during the process. 

Prune Your Trees In The Winter And Summer

The two times of the year when it is best to prune your trees is going to be in winter when the trees are dormant and in summer when the trees are actively growing. In the winter, it is good to trim your trees because this allows for a lot of new growth in the springtime. Trimming in summer is important as well because this is a time when a lot of your trees are actively growing and expanding. Trimming back and evening out the branches at this time can help your trees to keep their shape and can stop them from becoming too large or otherwise overgrown. 

Prune Branches That Cross Over Other Branches

When it comes to really getting into your tree and pruning, there are certain things to look for and trim. If you see branches that are crossing over other branches, it is very important that you cut these back. Crossing branches can hinder growth of one or both of the branches, which is not good, especially for a young tree that really needs to grow. The goal is to have all of the tree branches going laterally out of the tree, and getting rid of the cross branches allows this to happen. 

Keep Your Shears Sharp

Rather than just grabbing your pruning shears and getting to work, you first need to make sure that they are sharpened. When cutting back branches, you want a crisp, angled cut, and this can only be done if your shears are sharp. Dull shears may not cut through a branch all of the way, causing more harm than good and potentially make it so that you have to cut back more of the branch than you had originally planned. Since it is crucial that you never remove more than 1/4 of the living crown of the tree at once, you need to be careful with how much you are cutting and sharp shears allow you to more easily control this. 

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