Flowers That Bloom In The Winter

To some the winter landscape is dull and unexciting. However, nothing can be more beautiful on a cold winter's day than to see a delightful pop of color from a blooming winter flower. There are more flowers that bloom in the winter then you think. Here are seven beautiful flowers that bloom in winter.


This gorgeous flower comes in many different hues and sizes. They prefer shade and plenty of water so plant them accordingly. Another good thing about this flower is that it won't be bothered by hungry deer because it's poisonous.

Winter Heath

Another pretty plant that blooms in the cold is winter heath. It produces fuchsia colored flowers in a vase-like shape, making it an interesting flower for winter. They are fairly easy to grow as long as you ensure your soil is acidic.


True to its name, this flower looks like a pristine drop of snow. It grows easily and blooms in late winter. These flowers multiply readily and look great either in formal flower beds or just scattered throughout your yard.

Winter Jasmine

This flower produces many blooms in a vibrant yellow shade. They generally bloom in January to provide a burst of color in the middle of winter. Winter jasmine grows thickly, so it's great for ground cover on hillsides.


These delicate flowers bloom in contrasting colors of yellow, purple, and white. They begin blooming in fall and with care will continue into winter. In warmer climates, they can stay outside, but in colder areas you will want to plant them in pots so you can take them inside when it gets too cold.

Bachelor's Buttons

This flower comes in a striking shade of blue, white, and pink. They boast beautiful tufted blooms that looks great in flower arrangements. What better way to get through the winter then some fresh flowers in your home? Just make sure to plant them in sunny areas to keep them perky.


This whimsical flower has tall stems with blooms that come in nearly every hue except blue. Combine this flower with bachelor's buttons for a well-rounded and beautiful flower arrangement. Snapdragons need full sun with quality soil in order to be healthy.

So this winter, start planning for next winter. Carefully arrange your landscape so you can have flowers that bloom even in winter for color and beauty even on the most dreary of days. Bring that color inside with gorgeous flower arrangements sure to brighten up your home.

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