Which Type Of Mulch Is Right For You

While it might seem like a mere meaningless, decorative landscaping enhancement, mulch is quite important. Mulch doesn't just make your lawn look neater, but it also helps reduce moisture evaporation and suppresses the growth of weeds. Although these are common goals, just how these processes are achieved depends on the type of mulch used. Make sure you're choosing a mulch best suited to meet your needs.  

Wood Chips

One of the more popular options is wood chips, and for good reason. Wood chips have superior water retention qualities which can come in handy no matter what type of area you live in. If you live in a relatively dry environment, such as the desert, you can increase the impact of your watering efforts because the water retained in the wood chips will be released into your plants during periods of excessive dryness.

Even if you live in an area with increased moisture, the water retention qualities of wood chips helps. Instead of all the extra moisture being soaked into the plants, some of it is soaked up in the wood chips, reducing the risk of over watering.

Cocoa Mulch

Cocoa mulch is best known for its distinct chocolaty smell. While this type of mulch is slightly more expensive, it will last longer than other popular options like wood chips, making it more cost effective in long run. This option is great to consider if you have a serious issue with weeds growing in your lawn.

When wet, cocoa mulch naturally binds together creating somewhat of a barrier that prevents even the most determined weed from passing through. If you have a dog, this mulch might not be a good idea for you as it can be toxic if consumed by these animals.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is popular because of its rich look; however, it's also a good idea if you need a bug repellent. The natural aroma emitted from the cedar serves as a natural repellent for bugs because they simply don't like the scent. If you've had frequent issues with insects destroying your plants, cedar can help.

Additionally, since cedar decomposes fast, it can help put nutrients back into your soil at a much faster rate, which will also help strengthen the health of your plants. However, cedar mulch has low water retention qualities. In areas of high moisture, this can lead to over-watering of your plants since the mulch won't be able to absorb some of the moisture.

If you're having a difficult time determining which type of mulch to use, don't hesitate to rely on a landscaping expert like Super Landscape Supply to help you make the right choice.