What To Look For In A Good Landscape Contractor

Lawns and gardens are an attractive and vital feature of residential and commercial properties. Healthy, vibrant lawns and gardens are always a pleasure to visit and see from afar. It takes a lot of planning and work to maintain a beautiful garden and hiring a good landscape contractor can help. A well-chosen landscape contractor will prepare the garden soil, install sod, plant flowers, trees, and vines, weed, fertilize, and prune all plants, as well as clean and maintain your property and grounds. Here are some considerations to think about when you want to hire a landscape contractor:

  • Lawn Care and Maintenance - Conscientious lawn care is a priority. A good landscape contractor will not only mow the lawn and trim the edges but continually feed and fertilize a growing lawn to keep it lush and green and encourage new growth. Ideally, a healthy green lawn is fertilized with a diluted mixture of plant food and water every time it is watered. In this way, the lawn is never in need of nutrients to grow and thrive. 
  • Flower Gardening - If you have flowering plants, a landscape contractor will trim the spent blooms to encourage new buds and growth. Correct pruning time and location are essential with flowering plants. All pruning must be done after a plant has finished blooming for the season and in the ideal place on the stem so that the flowering plant will automatically grow a new sprout at that juncture. 
  • Tree and Bush Trimming - Healthy trees and bushes must be trimmed in order to continue to grow. A good landscape contractor will trim your trees and bushes approximately once a year to shape them to avoid buildings and produce shade where needed. He or she will know where to trim the tree and bush limbs in order to make them sprout and grow in the best direction. 
  • Sustainable Irrigation System - A good landscape contractor can install an easy-to-maintain irrigation system that takes very little effort to water your plants, trees, and flowers. Many times this is a drip irrigation system that continues to spread moisture throughout the irrigation system on a daily basis. Other irrigation systems are hooked directly to your water system and only need to be turned off and on manually to water the garden. When well designed, these irrigation systems can maintain your garden for weeks and months without much other attention.
  • Container Gardening - Planter boxes and urns can add color and interest to a well-planned and maintained garden. These containers can highlight special plants and flowers and bring attention to architectural landings, railings, and overhangs. Cascading flowers and plants thrive in containers that get plenty of water and plant food and have proper drainage. A good landscape contractor will know the best containers for the specific plants you wish to grow in containers. 

A valuable landscape contractor is detail oriented, follows up with on-going gardening issues, and continues to communicate with you about all aspects of your garden and grounds. This continued communication will allow you and your landscape contractor to personalize and care for your property effectively. If desired, water features and lighting can be added to your garden and your landscape contractor can advise you as to the best kind to get and location to place them. With a bit of planning and the advice and help from a good landscape contractor, you can have a healthy and thriving garden that will give you and your neighbors much pleasure. 

For more information about landscape contractors, visit Bill and Dave's Landscape Maintenance or other landscape specialists near you.