Ways To Woo Birds Back When Taking Down Trees

If you enjoy watching birds and wildlife in your backyard, but must remove the trees that they are drawn to, try some landscaping tactics that will bring more of your fine-feathered friends to your property. These techniques are simple and don't require a lot of pricey materials or supplies. 

Some ways to gain favor of feathered friends when you have to remove their favorite trees include these ideas:

Treating treats.

When birds come on to your property, they are often looking for food. A sure-fire way to attract these delightful visitors is by tempting them with the treats that they love to eat. Install feeders, or ensure that there are some seeds, nuts, or berry bushes available for them to nibble; birds also enjoy the nectar from flowers, worms, and a wide range of insects, which makes them welcome guests in a garden or on the lawn. 

A cool bath.

Birds enjoy splashing around in a simple bird-bath or fountain in the yard. This also provides a great meeting-spot for birds to grab a cool drink and visit with their feathered cohorts. If you have a place for puddles or a small man-made pond, birds will also be attracted to your property.

Protection from the elements.

Birds will take shelter wherever they can find a safe, dry space; this includes inexpensive birdhouses that can be easily reinstalled when you need to remove trees, and they can be easily secured to the side of a house or mounted on the lawn. Paint them in bright, vivid colors to capture attention and guide the birds to the safety of the structure.  

Places to nest.

Birds are always looking for a safe place to nest. If you need to remove a tree, and don't want to displace the birds, be sure that your yard has some shrubs, hedges, or other spots suitable for nest-building, when you want to keep them on your property. Consider adding plants that can provide a nesting spot, and that may also give the birds a food source, such as holly, crabapple, elderberry, and other berry-producing bushes and plants.

Watching birds is a relaxing, serene experience; try some of these suggestions to be sure that these feathered friends flock to your yard for your enjoyment. Provide birds with a place to rest, protection from predators, a cool drink, and a snack, and you will find that they flock to your property-- even when you have to remove their favorite trees.