Secrets To Protecting Your Picturesque Hardscaping From Winter Damage

Do you enjoy the beauty of your hardscaping during the spring, summer and fall? If so, you may dread winter weather. Perhaps you dislike it because you do not know how to winterize your hardscaping area. The following information will help you understand how to protect your beautiful hardscaping during the winter.

Make pre-winter repairs.

If you notice that your hardscape area needs repairs, it is best to have them performed prior to the brink of winter. This is because the freeze and thaw cycles may result in additional damages. For example, ice or snow could enter through cracks and cause them to expand. You should also pay attention to pavers that are damaged. This is because your hardscape will need a strong foundation to withstand the winter. Damaged pavers throughout your hardscaping could result in surrounding pavers also getting damaged when winter weather arrives.

Use appropriate de-icing methods.

The best way to remove snow and ice is through mechanical means such as a snowblower for soft snow, and shovels with rubber or plastic blades are best suited for ice or frozen snow. Perhaps you had plans to use a chemical de-icer. This is not recommended for hardscaping areas due to the possibility of these types of substances causing damage to the surfaces of hardscaping. Using shovels, axe picks and other equipment made from metal should also be avoided. These have the potential to damage hardscape surfaces, which can make them less aesthetically appealing. The impact from them coming into contact with frozen areas of hardscaping may also result in superficial markings that may result in cracks in the future. 

Utilize freeze reduction strategies.

Ensure that you complete gutter maintenance. Recently cleaned gutters are less likely to get clogged with debris. Trapped debris may obstruct ice from melting and draining. If your gutters are not clean prior to freezing temperatures, the trapped ice could damage your gutters. For example, the weight of the trapped ice and debris could cause the gutters to fall off of your home. After your gutters are clean, you need to ensure that the downspout is repositioned to drain water away from the hardscaping area.  

A landscaping company, such as Decorative Creations Inc, is the best resource to use to ensure that winter weather does not wreak havoc on your hardscaping. They are also a good resource to use for ensuring that you can enjoy the beauty of your hardscaping year-round. For example, they can install a fire pit, which would enable you to stay warm while enjoying the outdoors in the winter.