Faqs Of Caring For Maple Trees

Maple trees are a common type of tree found scattered throughout the country. Regardless of the variety of maple trees you have, proper care of the trees is important. To help ensure your trees are properly cared for, here is what you need to know. 

Where Should Maple Trees Be Planted?

If you have yet to plant your maple trees, it is important that you choose the right spot. Maple trees have shallow roots. As they grow, the roots can cause damage to your driveway and walkways. It is because of this, you need to plant the trees so that enough space is allowed for the roots to develop without causing damage to the driveway and walkways.

The soil in which your trees are planted is crucial to their development. However, not all soil is up to standard. To ensure that your trees are getting the nutrients needed, use a high quality fertilizer. As an added measure, consider having the soil tested for quality. 

Pruning your trees helps to extend their lifespan and rid them of disease. Regularly prune your tree to remove dead, broken, or diseased branches. 

What If the Tree Is Diseased?

There are several types of disease that can infect trees and cause considerable damage. It is important that you become familiar with those diseases and learn the signs so that you can spot them when inspecting your trees each month. 

For instance, anthracnose is a disease that can cause the branches to die and the leaves to fall from the trees. When the disease is present, you will notice brown spots on the leaves and the veins along the leaves might take on a purplish-brown appearance. 

Pests are also a potential nuisance. For instance, the Asian long horned beetle can get beneath the bark of the tree and starve it of the nutrients that it needs to sustain and grow. When the beetle has infested the tree, the branches and leaves will start to die. 

Without properly inspecting your trees on a regular basis, they can suffer extreme damage and eventually die. At that point, your only option would be tree removal. 

An arborist can help with the maintenance of your trees and help identify diseases before they become a major problem. He or she can also prune and remove the trees, if necessary. Work with an arborist on a regular basis to get the best care for your trees. 

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