What To Do With Your Landscaping Before Adding A Garden

Getting a garden for your property can help provide you with tasty vegetables, colorful flowers, and some greenery for your yard, but it can be hard to get started if you've never had a garden before. In order for the garden to be a welcome addition to your yard, you'll need to make sure that your landscaping is ready.

The following tips can help guide you towards getting your landscaping prepped so that the garden can grow well and without some of the common problems homeowners face when gardening.

Take Your Time Selecting the Spot for the Garden

Picking the ideal spot for your garden should take some time, since you want to make sure that continues being a good location during all hours of the day. Most plants have specific needs regarding how much sunlight to receive, so you'll need to keep in mind what kind of plants you intend on growing in your garden.

In some cases, will be able to trim down trees or remove them entirely to provide more sunlight if your backyard is shaded all around.

Clear Out the Area and Flatten the Ground

In order to prepare for the garden to be put in, you'll need to clear out a space so that the garden can lay flat. Whether you intend on doing a raised garden bed or planting directly in the soil, you'll want to be working with an area that is relatively flat and doesn't have any roots or stumps in the way.

Get Rid of Any Existing Pest Infestations

If your lawn has any kind of pests, this can be a major problem for your garden to grow vibrantly. Before even considering putting in a garden, make sure you get rid of the existing pests on your lawn using a homemade, safe pest control solution that will not poison soil. Liquid dish soap and vegetable oil can go a long way towards combating stubborn pests on your lawn or nearby plants.

Consider if Changes Are Needed for the Sprinkler

If your lawn already has a sprinkler system installed, you need to consider how it may affect keeping your garden watered. In some cases, you'll need to remove some sprinkler heads or simply relocate them so that your garden can be watered properly.

Look into Getting a Rain Barrel Installed Nearby

An easy way to be eco-friendlier with your gardening is by collecting rainwater. Putting in a rain barrel near the future garden space can help make it easy to water without needing to use city or well water.

Taking some time to prepare for the addition of a garden cannot make all the difference in how well it grows in the years to come. These changes to your landscaping can also ensure that the garden is a beautiful addition to your property. To learn more, contact a landscaper near you!