4 Easy Tricks To Add Color To A Bland Front Yard Of A Rental Home

While you may be happy with the way your home looks on the inside, your front yard may leave a lot to be desired. While you may not be able to make any major changes to the landscaping when living in a rental, there are still ways to add color and make the front of the rental home feel unique.

In order for the front of your rental home to look attractive, without breaking any rules in your lease, consider the following ideas.

Spruce Up the Entry with a Colorful Door Mat

An easy way to give the front of your rental home a personal look that is easy to take with you from rental to rental is with a doormat. Choosing a bright color or colorful pattern can help the front of your home stand out and makes the entry feel welcoming for guests. The best part of adding a doormat is being able to bring it with you when you move out.

Add Planting Beds or Potted Plants

If you want to add plants, but are worried about having to leave them behind when moving, opt for planting beds or potted plants. Container gardening is quite popular and there are countless options for what kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers you can grow in a pot or planter. The freedom of being able to bring them with you when moving out can also help motivate you to begin gardening at your rental.

Paint the Mailbox, if Possible

Another way to give the front of the rental home a personalized look is by painting the mailbox. While you will need to check with the landlord to make sure that this project is allowed, you can get the painting done in a short period of time and enjoy the unique look of the mailbox that will stand out from the curb.

Introduce Colorful Low-Maintenance Plants

If you want to add a lot of color to the rental home, consider adding plants that are bright and easy to care for. With the plants being low-maintenance, you don't you to worry about using a lot of water or spending hours gardening each week. For the easiest plants to care for at the rental, consider these perennials:

  • Sedum
  • Yarrow
  • Lantana

With the introduction of some of the landscaping projects above, you can personalize the rental home you live at. These changes can make you happier with where you live and are easy enough to do that you don't need to worry about making significant changes to a rental that you can't bring with you.

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