3 Mistakes To Avoid When Caring For Your Lawn

Taking care of your lawn is an art. Many people want a beautiful green, thick, luscious yard, but are unable to attain it. Luckily, getting that lawn that you want doesn't have to be hard. If your lawn is dying or thinning there are probably some mistakes that you are making, and with some simple adjustments you can get the perfect lawn. Here are some common mistakes people make.

1. You Are Mowing The Lawn Too Short or Too Long

Mowing isn't just about making the lawn look nice. It is a way to keep the lawn healthy. When the grass is the right length it provides the optimal level for the grass to absorb water and nutrients so that it can stay healthy. This is why you should always keep your lawn somewhere between 3-4 inches in the summer and hotter months. If you go any shorter the roots may get to hot and be exposed to too much sun and die. If you keep it too long the grass spears will eat all the water and won't allow enough to get to the roots. This is why 3-4 inches is generally the ideal height for your grass.

2. You Are Watering Everyday

You might think that watering a little bit everyday is the best for your lawn, but this would be incorrect. When you water a little bit every day it will cause the water to stay on the surface without getting fully to the roots. Instead, you should soak the lawn a couple days a week. You will use about the same water, just give it to the lawn in a couple really good watering sessions, rather than a little bit everyday. This will provide the lawn to get enough water and nutrients to the roots and will make your grass greener and thicker.

3. You Are Watering At The Wrong Time Of The Day

Lastly, you shouldn't water your lawn mid day or in the evening; it should always be done in the morning. When you water in the morning you give the lawn plenty of time to soak up the water before the sun comes out to evaporate any excess. If you water midday the sun will evaporate the water too quickly and the lawn won't get enough. If you water in the evening you run the risk of drowning the water and choking the roots. This is why watering in the morning is ideal.

By avoiding these three mistakes you will finally get the lawn you want. To learn more, contact a company like Outdoor Service Inc.