Landscaping Your Yard With Privacy In Mind

In the modern world of constant text messages, blaring music and crowded neighborhoods, finding a quiet refuge to clear your mind can be surprisingly difficult. A standard lawn typically doesn't offer much in terms of privacy, but with some clever landscaping, you can transform your yard into a secluded and quiet place to decompress after a long day. Whether you are doing it yourself or working with a professional landscape designer, these five tricks will help you reclaim your backyard as your own private oasis. 

Planting Hedges

Hedges are natural fences and relatively easy to install, offering a greener and less expensive way to obtain some privacy in your yard. Most hedges used in landscape design are hardy, so you will simply need to keep them trimmed and occasionally watered and fertilized to maintain them. If you do not like the appearance of hedges or want a more substantial barrier, there are a few other options to consider. 

Installing Privacy Fences 

Fences are the most common way to screen out the rest of the world, though they can be expensive. Depending on your zoning regulations, you may not be able to install a tall fence in your yard. Check your local housing guidelines to be sure that you are clear to build a privacy fence in your neighborhood. 

Landscaping With Other Barrier Plants

If neither hedges nor fences can meet your landscaping needs, you may want to look into using other plants as an effective barrier around your yard. Bamboo in particular is notorious for growing quickly and thickly, to the point where you may need to beat it back from the rest of your lawn. Layer plants from short to tall, with the tallest trees and shrubs along the outer edge. This adds an illusion of depth to your yard while still providing dense cover against prying eyes. 

Building Lattices

Lattices are an elegant way to combine natural and artificial barriers to your landscaping. Not only do they physically bar access to your yard, but they do so with a touch of beauty, creating a ring of flowers and vines around your home. Lattices can also be used to conceal less aesthetically appealing parts of your yard, such as garbage cans and landscaping tools. 

Canceling Noise

An extra benefit of landscaping for privacy is that you can also cancel out some of the incoming noise from your road and neighbors. Solid hedges and fences or densely packed trees and shrubs all block the sounds of voices, lawn mowers and cars, though the effect will never be perfect. Evergreen shrubs and trees, which retain their foliage all year, are the best choice to maintain consistent coverage. You may also choose to create your own pleasant, overriding sounds by installing fountains and wind chimes. With just a few minor changes to your yard, you can secure a private space for your family, improve the value of your home and beautify your environment all at the same time. 

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